Test your pupils directly from their mobile devices in seconds.

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What it a TestApp!

TestApp – Test your pupils directly from their mobile devices in seconds.

TestApp allows you to make tests instantaneously available on your pupils’ laptops/tablets/smartphones directly from your own computer. With just a few clicks, the test being solved on the interactive board appears on your pupils’ screens.

TestApp is a multi-platform solution: you can use it simultaneously on smart phones, tablets or even PC browsers running on Windows or Linux. Thanks to this  capability TestApp can be used in any multimedia environment. TestApp transcends any distance or technology barriers and allows all pupils to fully participate in your lessons.

In order for your pupils to start the test on their device, all they have to do is input a PIN number they receive from you. After the test you have instant access to your pupils’ results which significantly reduces your marking time. And with just one click the results can also be sent to your inbox, which in turn allows for much easier archiving.

In order to activate TestApp, all you have to do is go to ‘Simple Test’ and’ Multiple Choice Test’ templates in Teacher’s Toolbox, and click on the ‘TestApp’ button.

The beta version of TestApp is free for all Teacher’s Toolbox users.



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